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Sponsor Horses & Ponies

Help us take care of ponies!

It is not always possible to re-home a member of the sanctuary, so to allow us to care for a horse we need your help.

Sponsor from as little as £12.50 and help provide the following:

  • Health, dental care and veterinary support.

  • Blacksmith – to help maintain healthy hooves.

  • Equipment – to manage their environment.

  • Horse clothing – to help keep them warm.

  • Equipment – to maintain a healthy coat.

  • Support – to help feed and give them grazing.

This is Nibbles available for sponsorship.

I am a chestnut gelding approximately 12.01 hands high.  I was rescued from Beeston sales in 2003 by the founders of Cheshire Horse Sanctuary.  I spent my early days being pampered and taken to horse shows where I was able to show off my talents.  I won many rosettes and trophies at the Muleberry show in North Wales, like the other ponies I love having a fuss made of me and getting lots of attention.


I have to have my rug on as I do feel the cold.  My hay has to be soaked to prevent me from coughing and getting into difficulty with my breathing;  I have asthma.  My favourite treats are carrots and polo. I am very well behaved around little people but get frightened if my ears are touched unexpectedly.

This is Ray available for sponsorship.

I am a 14.2hh Pure Bred Arabian gelding.  It is with thanks to the founders of Cheshire Horse Sanctuary that I am here today.  My mother was malnourished and neglected when she was rescued from horrific circumstances.  I was born into the sanctuary on the 23rd September 2003.  I have been loved and cared for all of my life and this is my forever home.  As I have got older I have been diagnosed with benign melanomas that can affect most grey horses.  As a result I am unable to be ridden. 

I do not present with any adverse symptoms and I am very happy to live out the rest of my life at the sanctuary.

This is Tara available for sponsorship.

I am a miniature horse and my name is Tara, I am 20 years young. I came to live at Cheshire Horse Sanctuary as my previous owner was terminally ill and unable to look after me any longer.  

I can be quite head shy and nervous at times so care is needed to keep me reassured.


I am not as nervous as I was but I do still need plenty of gentle pampering.  


I have attended fundraising events to support the sanctuary and love being visited by little people. please help the sanctuary continue to look after me by purchasing a sponsorship package, thank you.

Hay Net Care Package

One off payment of £25.00.

Personalised t-shirt. ie This is my pony Nibbles.

Everything from the Pony Care Package.

Hay Net Treat Care Package

Best Value!

One off payment of £50.00.

A visit with a friend for a full day of interactive learning with your pony, pack lunch provided.  Parents to accompany under 16s.

Everything from the Hay Net Care Package.

Pony Care Package

One off payment of £12.50.


Provides a certificate, lapel pin and picture of your pony.

Please fill out and send us this form to receive your items. We won't use your personal details other than to process the transaction.


Once we receive your form, you'll be asked to pay.


For the Hay Net Treat Care Package you'll be contacted to arrange a date for you and your friend to come to the sanctuary.