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What does it take to volunteer?
​​Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!

Volunteers are the foundation to any successful charity and we need YOU!  It is many people's dream to help horses and ponies and we want your experience to be a safe and educational one.  We offer step by step guidance, even if you only want to feed them a carrot!

We are aware that everyone's time is limited so we want you to know that we appreciate every single minute of 'any' time you can give to us. We will always have tea and coffee on standby.

If you prove to be a dedicated volunteer with us then we offer a fuel allowance to help you make your way to us. 

All our volunteers have full time jobs and yet they still manage to put aside a few hours each week for us.  If we had a large dedicated team we could accomplish great things and help many animals find new homes.  

We would like help with our fundraising too so if you have any ideas or advice for us then please get in touch.  

How to volunteer:

Your time is valuable to us too!  We will take good care of you and 'show you the ropes', as they say!  We always get back in touch with people once we have received a message, we promise we will not keep you waiting long. 


Please fill out the form and either email it back to us or send it to our registered sanctuary address by normal post.


Our address is included on the form for your convenience.


We look forward to hearing from you.