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About Us

What we do:

Cheshire Horse Sanctuary Ltd aims to help as many horses and ponies find a safe haven, whether that be in their care or in a loving forever home, this is achieved through adoption and sponsorship.

This means we are packed. Thanks to you, we've been able to find more and more forever homes for our ponies and horses, paving the way for new animals. Whilst we try and rehome as many horses as possible, some will stay in care with us permanently, and will continue to receive quality  love and care.


Mission and aims:

Like other sanctuaries, our limits are governed by how much land we own, as well as the number of stables and shelters we can provide. Our maximum intake is currently 12, meaning we can safely care for and nurture 12 animals. However, we need your help to expand our reach and care for as many horrses and ponies as possible.

We are currently a 'not for profit' venture and are hoping to expand our services in the near future, this will include the provision of pony parties, workshops and equine assisted therapy utilising the EAGALA model.

It is our pleasure to invite Alan Dawber of Hope Horse Whispering & Rehabilitation onto our team and who is actively supporting the wellbeing of the horses in our care.


The team:

Tracy and Graham Brewer 

Tracy Brewer is the Manager of Cheshire Horse Sanctuary Ltd and is a Registered Mental Health Nurse with over 10 years experience within the field of dementia care. 

Tracy has a lifetime of knowledge and understanding of horses, she has dedicated her entire life to them and their welfare.

Graham Brewer is a time served army veteran with a wealth of knowledge and experience within the regular army and by trade he is a qualified Chef.

Graham is the Chair of Directors for Cheshire Horse Sanctuary Ltd and he is currently a Staff Sergeant working within the recruitment sector of the Army Reserves.


















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