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Why donate?

Over 10,000 homeless and abandoned horses/ponies are reported in the UK every year.  We take in as many as we can, this is the easy part - it's finding a forever home for them that is challenging. Can you help us?

Horses and ponies are quite literally thrown away once they have outlived their usefulness. In many cases, they have proven too expensive to keep. In other cases, their owner has gone to university or has given up looking after them for another reason. We see a lot of sad cases where these animals have been left abandoned. Sometimes there is a good reason for why a horse or pony needs a new home; these are the 'good luck' stories where neglect has been kept to a minimum.


Here at Cheshire Horse Sanctuary Ltd, we take in many horses and ponies but like other sanctuaries, our limits are governed by how much land we have and how many shelters we can provide. Our maximum intake here at the moment is 12 but we need your help to keep this a consistent goal.


Right now we are at full capacity but forever homes have been found through adoption and therefore the horses and ponies that leave make way for new cases.

It is our aim to re-home as many horses as we can but we do have ponies here that will never leave. They will be in our care for as long as they are with us.  

Help us by making a donation today.


You don't need to have a PayPal account to donate!

You can donate in 4 ways:


  • Your financial aid - every penny helps.

  • Your time - become a volunteer.

  • Your unwanted items - we value your kindness.

  • Amazon Wishlist - help feed a pony.


We welcome all donations, big and small. Even donating £1

shows us that you care about the horses and that you wish

for their well being. 

Amazon Wishlist:

Click Here to go to our Amazon Wishlist!

Our wishlist is an easy way to donate directly to the ponies - just pick something you'd like to donate, check out via the wishlist, and it will be delivered directly to the sanctuary where it will help us to keep the ponies happy and healthy.

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