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Sponsor Nibbles

I am a chestnut gelding approximately 12.01 hands high.  I was rescued from Beeston sales in 2003 by the founders of Cheshire Horse Sanctuary.  I spent my early days being pampered and taken to horse shows where I was able to show off my talents.  I won many rosettes and trophies at the Muleberry show in North Wales,


I was a champion in the lead rein classes.  I am now in retirement and I have been given the opportunity to help support the sanctuary as their mascot.  I help raise funds by having people sponsor me which helps the other ponies that have been less fortunate than me.  Like the other ponies I love having a fuss made of me and getting lots of attention.


I have to have my rug on as I do feel the cold.  My hay has to be soaked to prevent me from coughing and getting into difficulty with my breathing;  I have asthma.  My favourite treats are carrots and polo mints and when I have a bad cough I like to have a spoonful of treacle to help with my breathing and it tastes delicious.  


I am very well behaved around little people but get frightened if my ears are touched unexpectedly.  Please sponsor me and help the sanctuary to continue to help others like me.  Thank you.

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